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 The Eyebrow Theory (as requsted by Jdawson)

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PostSubject: The Eyebrow Theory (as requsted by Jdawson)   Sat Jan 17, 2009 7:08 pm


one day a friend of mine asked me, why do people have eyebrows?
hm, eyebrows eh?
Lets make a theory!

The Eyebrow Theory

Part one, of chimps and hair
hair, as I see it is a protection against cold and the elements
coincidentily, clothes are as well.
and as usually, the body adapts(perhaps unwillingly sometimes). So, for this
particular adaptaion the body was required to lose its hair.
so, lets first assume that man and chimps (and most other primates) are the same
and since we've had sentience (see part two) we have been wearing clothes
and so we lost hair, and became different that chimps
but of course, in more than one way
which brings me to my next point

Part two, of God and Sentience
Before we get started, I would have you know i'm not againsted
any religious group or diety you worship, and since I moderate this forum
any racist comments, will be deleted, then you will be reported.
for now, since the "diety or dieties" have no name, we'll refer to them
as "the diety" (if you are polytheogist,I hope I spelled that right, you can see
"the diety" as "the dieties")
going back to chimps and man are (more like were) the same
except the matter of sentience (with sentience comes intelligence)
now, try as we might, I think it impossible to teach a chimp something
and for him to actually understand it, or to teach him (or her) sentience
and therefore, there might be another group of sentient beings, or maybe just one
he (or she) gave a group of chimps sentience, and so over time we changed
as our intelligence, and adaptation skills grew we eventually dominated the planet

now, you may ask, what does this have to do with eyebrows
yes, nothing
and if you really want to know
ask a real scientist.



Каку пироґи

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PostSubject: Re: The Eyebrow Theory (as requsted by Jdawson)   Sun Jan 18, 2009 12:09 am

Thx mate this great but if it starts a argument i will have to deleat it

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The Eyebrow Theory (as requsted by Jdawson)
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